Portico Hills Vineyard: Plantings

When we laid out the ranch, we took into account the morphology of the land, the requirements of each varietal, and what we could do with the topography. So, for instance, we planted the Grenache in the most protected area. Mourvedre, Syrah, and other varietals that can handle the wind better, are planted where we get more breeze.


The ranch totals 115 acres, of which 83.16 are planted to winegrapes.

Block Variety Clone Rootstock Acres
1A Gamay 358 1103P 1.42
1B Petite Sirah 3 1103P 2.17
1C Petite Sirah 3 101-14 .55
2 Sauvignon Blanc 1 101-14 1.6
3 Syrah 470 5BB 2.9
4 Grenache Noir 362 1103P 1.85
5 Sauvignon Blanc 1 1103P 2.67
6 Syrah 470 5BB 3.71
7 Sauvignon Blanc 1 1103P 4.89
8 Sauvignon Blanc 1 1103P 4.56
9 Sauvignon Blanc 1 1103P 1.75
10 Graciano 8 1103P .8
11 Cabernet Franc 11 1103P 1.21
12A Pinot Noir 2A 1103P 3.34
12B Pinot Noir 828 1103P 3.32
12C Pinot Noir 459 1103P 3.09
13 Grenache Noir 362 1103P 1.61
14 Grenache Noir 362 1103P .95
15 Grenache Noir 362 1103P 1.36
16 Grenache Noir 362 1103P .91
17 Petite Sirah 3 1103P 3.28
18 Mourvedre 369 1103P 3.2
19 Pinot Noir 23 1103P 6.42
20 Chardonnay 96 1103P 3.34
21A Sauvignon Blanc 1 101-14 14.62
Total       83.16

Clones and Rootstocks

Varietals and clones were chosen by looking at the history of the most successful vineyard blocks (those that have produced the finest wines) in the Los Alamos Valley for the last two decades.  It was important to use the knowledge and experience that has been gathered over the years to help dictate the proper plant material for each of the 20 blocks that reside on this 83-acre planting. 

Extensive soil, aspect and climate analysis for each site ultimately dictated where to plant the various varietal/clone/rootstock combinations that were chosen.  Thorough virus testing of the scion material along with the use of 100% “Protocol 2010” rootstocks ensures that only clean plant material was used for this vineyard development.

The vines were planted in June, 2015.

Spacing and Training

The Portico Hills Vineyard is planted to primarily high density 7’ x 3’ spacing with a VSP trellis system. High density planting allows fewer pounds of fruit per vine resulting in highly concentrated grapes.  Vines are trained to a unilateral cordon.