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  • 19732-6 Centerpointe
  • Lime Orchard
  • San Juan Creek Vineyard
  • Jubilee Ranch
  • 7812 Main
  • Rancho CaƱada de Los Pinos Vineyard
  • The Jetty

Circle Vision is a privately owned and operated commercial real estate investment and management company established in 2003. We specialize in acquiring, managing, and optimizing a distinct portfolio of commercial and agricultural assets.

With a demonstrated track record of success that includes 1031 exchanges and sale-leasebacks, we have the experience and expertise to navigate complex transactions and deliver favorable outcomes. Our ability to make swift and efficient decisions sets us apart, ensuring that we capitalize on time-sensitive market opportunities.

We take pride in our comprehensive approach to commercial real estate investment and management. We understand that each property has its own unique requirements, and our team has the expertise to effectively address these needs. Achievement of our objectives leads us to deliver superior results, drive long-term growth, and provide exceptional service to our partners.