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  • Sustainable Vineyard


Circle Vision is deeply committed to sustainability and minimizing the impact our businesses may have on the environment. We prioritize the health of the land and plant resources by employing biologically intensive growing approaches. Our efforts include a skilled workforce that understands soils, plants, and weather patterns.

Our vineyards hold third-party SIP certification, addressing sustainability across People, Planet, and Prosperity. This safeguards natural and human resources. Through this program we share best practices and contribute to the industry leadership, ensuring regular achievement of sustainability goals.

Our goal is to continually improve the land. We utilize soil amendments, including organic compost for preplanting and side dressing, aligning soil profile with water chemistry for optimal nutrient absorption. This promotes resilient plants which are more resistant to mildew and insects.

Water conservation is a priority, with tailwater collected in retention ponds, micro-sprinklers for frost protection, and the implementation of efficient drainage management and the planting of cover crops to ensure erosion control.

Our integrated pest management program includes introducing beneficial insects, attracting raptors, and plant enriching cover crops to keep our vineyards healthy. The vineyards are continually monitored for pests and diseases to ensure strategic spraying only when necessary.

We value customer feedback and innovative ideas from forward-thinking growers and producers, establishing Circle Vision as a sustainable farming leader, yielding synergistic benefits.