Over the past 15 years working with Doug Circle, I’ve been impressed by his utmost integrity, work-ethic, honesty, and high degree of knowledge about the Ag Industry.  He is very well connected and well informed.

--Ed Boutonnet, Chairman of the Board, Ocean Mist Farms

Doug Circle is focused, diligent, and follows-up; if he says it’s going to be done, it’s done. We’ve enjoyed working with Circle Vision since 2005, to help leverage Sierra Madre Vineyard into a brand with a solid reputation within the grape growing and wine making community.

--Gregg Hibbits, Mesa Vineyard Management, General Manager (Vineyard Manager Sierra Madre Vineyard)


The level of professionalism at Circle Vision is unparalleled. Doug Circle’s commitment to stewardship of the land, farming responsibly, and seeking the best producers in California with whom to partner, paired with his incomparable work ethic enable us to function at our highest level. Doug’s steady leadership and steadfast eye toward quality have empowered us to produce an incredibly successful vineyard property.

--Ben Merz, Owner, Coastal Vineyard Care/Manager Portico Hills Vineyard


Doug Circle has the vision and experience to look at a business situation and negotiate a contract that is a fit for both parties. His professionalism and attention to detail is valued in our relationship. Our working relationship has helped us maintain and expand our land base.

--Tony Marci, Naturipe Berry Growers, Inc., Director of Agricultural Investments and Central California Operations


Sunrise/Sun Opta has worked with Doug Circle for over 20 years, as our landlord for prime coastal strawberry ground. Circle Vision has always been professional, responsive and active in the management of their farmland. We have a very collaborative relationship and they certainly know and understand the Ag industry.

--Mark Murai, Sunrise/Sun Opta, Vice President, Strategic Sourcing & Field Operations


I’ve worked with the team at Circle Vision for 10 years. Doug is engaging and very knowledgeable about the Ag industry and business in general. I hold him and the team at Circle Vision in the highest regard.

--Brian Boersma, Farm Credit West, Vice President-Key Relationship Manager


Doug Circle is a true agricultural visionary. He has a tremendous big picture view of produce sales and production that gives him a calm, clear direction for his company and everyone around him. He encourages farming with integrity and takes pride in producing a quality product.

He takes the time to listen and understand and has given me valuable insight and help with my own goals of growing a successful farming operation.

Everyone at Circle Vision is courteous, respectful and responsive. You can’t help but feel their company-wide support for our efforts. It is exciting, fun and rewarding farming for Circle Vision; we love growing with them.  

--Craig Armstrong, Owner, Thermiculture Farm Management, Coachella Valley,