Doug Circle, President/CEO

Douglas R. Circle's lifelong entrepreneurial pursuit began with him selling strawberries from his own roadside stands, at age 14. Over the course of the ensuing 40 years, he has built a strong reputation throughout the strawberry industry. From 1978 - 2005, he acquired and consolidated 20 companies within the industry, ultimately operated as Sunrise Growers, Inc., the largest processor of frozen strawberries in the United States. In 2003 he sold that entity to private equity investors. 

Presently, he is the President and CEO of Circle Vision, LLC, the investment vehicle that manages his ongoing business enterprises, which include agriculture, finance, and commercial real estate. He also serves on several for-profit Boards of Directors.

Of equal importance to his unique and full business career, has been Mr. Circle's involvement with community service, charitable work and his active participation in his church. 

He serves on several faith-based charitable Boards and spends substantial time spearheading his family-run foundation, together with his wife, Jan, and his children. The foundation, formed to serve faith-based humanitarian organizations, funds many grants each year.

Jan Circle is also actively involved in Circle Vision's advisory board, and helps set the tone for the organization. The two have been lifetime residents of Orange County, California.