Rancho CaƱada de los Pinos: Plantings

Varietals and clones were chosen by studying the history of the most successful vineyard blocks that have produced the finest wines in Santa Barbara County for the last two decades.  It was important to use the knowledge and experience gathered over the years to help dictate the proper plant material for each of the 10 blocks that reside on this 110 acre planting.  Extensive soil, aspect and climate analysis ultimately dictated the decisions to plant the various varietal/clone/rootstock combinations that were chosen.  Thorough virus testing of the scion material along with the use of 100% “Protocol 2010” rootstocks ensures that only clean plant material was used for this exciting new vineyard development.

Planned Vineyard Development

Variety Clone Rootstoack Acres
Cabernet Sauvignon 7 1103P 10.0
Cabernet Sauvignon 8 1103P 10.0
Grenache 362 1103P 10.0
Malbec 11 1103P 8.5
Mourvedre 4 own 8.7
Petite Sirah 1 1103P 8.7
Pinor Noir AS1 1103P 8.0
Sauvignon Blanc 1 1103P 77.4
Syrah 470 own 5.0
Total     140.9

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